The diverse and impactful journeys Head-Royce alumni pursue after graduation showcase the unique talents and achievements within our community. 无论是同时还是在不同的时间线上, the shared experience of attending Head-Royce creates a familial bond that extends beyond school years. 超过5,000名校友, our network is robust; it's not surprising that former classmates become colleagues and that the name “Head-Royce” opens doors and establishes immediate trust. 

We met up with alumni to hear about their career journeys and how they are working together. Their stories highlight not only individual and shared successes but also the strength of the alumni network across fields. 他们所传达的内容描绘了一幅充满活力和积极参与的公民的画面, 校友和学生都为他们的社区和其他地方做出有意义的贡献. 

Andy Rabens '01, 负责国际经济和全球伙伴关系的副总统特别顾问, 在空军一号旁边


Andy Rabens ' 01, the 负责国际经济和全球伙伴关系的副总统特别顾问, 他的政治生涯开始于白天在国会山实习, while making ends meet selling theater subscriptions in the evenings and weekends from the telemarketing bullpen of the Kennedy Center. 他开始上大学的那一周,就是世贸双子塔倒塌的那一周,000 Americans lost their lives; a day he recalls “opening my eyes to the larger world around me.他成为职业网球运动员的梦想开始破灭, his interest in global politics and international affairs sparked after he took a few government courses; growing into a passion that has continued to the present day.

他愉快地笑着说他在售票处的日子, 承认卖票有点像卖创意. “You have to be willing to talk with anyone without fear of being rejected; a good life skill!安迪继续说, “Too often we discount skills that are honed in unusual places even though they can be very transferable.“他在海德罗伊斯当学生运动员的时候, 例如, sports had a big effect on his belief in the importance of a team-oriented approach to work and life. Learning to be a team player can be challenging but the benefit of working together on a shared goal is in itself a reward.

“个人可以提出伟大的想法来激发变革, but it often takes a team to mobilize around those big ideas and deliver meaningful and lasting impacts.”

虽然开始他的政治生涯花了一点时间, 这并不是安迪所克服的最困难的挑战. “I had a severe lisp as a kid and grew so frustrated by my inability to enunciate the ‘dr’ sound in ‘Andrew’ that I began using ‘Andy’ instead.多年来,他一直在努力让自己说话更清晰,结果得到了回报, 他也努力克服了早先对公开演讲的恐惧. “By attending countless Toastmasters classes and forcing myself to repeatedly get in front of audiences, 我改进.” The good news, he says, is that public speaking, like many skills, is one that can be learned. “mg电子试玩app可以投资,并通过工作和实践在这方面做得更好, 让mg电子试玩app克服一些恐惧, 感知障碍, 和挑战.”

从2001年开始, HRS年鉴, 丽贝卡·弗里德曼曾担任mg电子试玩app学生会主席

        Dr. 丽贝卡(弗里德曼)利斯纳05年,照片摄于

安迪目前是他在美国工作的第15个年头.S. 在美国,四任总统和六任国务卿都担任过政府职务.S. 他认为自己是美国队的一员.

“我在许多总统的政府中工作过, 从布什政府的结束开始, continuing through the entirety of President Obama's and President Trump's administrations, 现在我很自豪能在拜登-哈里斯政府任职.“作为一名公务员, he sees presidential administrations a bit like an Olympic relay race where you may have your preference of runners to run different legs of the race with their unique style or approach, 但在一天结束的时候, 你是美国队的一员.


奖励? 安迪脑海中浮现出许多不同的成分. “Getting to work on issues that matter and can potentially change peoples lives for the better at home and abroad and being part of incredible teams like the current Vice President's team where I’m surrounded by inspiring colleagues who care deeply about the country, 他们努力解决的问题, 以及政府积极改善人民生活的力量,他想道。. 

他现在在美国副总统办公室工作, 卡玛拉哈里斯, 还有海德罗伊斯的校友 Dr. 丽贝卡(弗里德曼)利斯纳' 05他是副总统的首席副国家安全顾问. “我和奥巴马博士一起工作. 利斯纳(又名丽贝卡)的日常工作,她是一个令人难以置信的充满活力的领导者, 思想家, writer; an absolute rock star.” Andy notes that they have a shared connection from growing up in the diverse community of the Bay Area, 就读于海德罗伊斯大学.

His parting message to those interested in but perhaps shying away from careers in government or public service is: “Give it a go. Government is only as good as the people willing to work in it to create the changes that we seek. 就我个人而言,我仍然对政府所能做的事情充满信心!,强调mg电子试玩app需要更多有新想法的年轻人来帮助塑造未来. “是的, 现在可能会有分裂的感觉,他说, “但我真的相信,mg电子试玩app作为人彼此交谈得越多, 找到共同点, 打破mg电子试玩app许多人身上的盔甲, mg电子试玩app将找到更多的共同点, 减少分歧, 以及进一步合作的机会.”




mg电子试玩app问 克莱尔·罗斯19岁,欧莱雅营销助理, 工作中最有意义的方面是什么 萨米尔·索尼' 17, 另一个HRS校友?

"I think that the most meaningful part of working alongside an HRS alum is having a friendly face to be candid with! As I am just starting in office life, there is a lot to learn both professionally and socially. 在办公室里交朋友看起来和在人力资源管理局的日子大不相同, 有一个我认识的人,可以向他寻求建议和支持,这是一个改变游戏规则的人! 我一直在找萨米尔帮忙做一些小项目,他总是很有帮助. 有一个不评判你的问题或困惑的人总是好的, 他就在你的角落里!"

When asked what challenges she has faced in her career and how did they lead her to where she is now, 她解释说:

"作为一名刚从高露洁大学毕业的学生,我的职业生涯才刚刚开始. 我遇到了两个挑战. 第一个, 得到我今天的工作当然是一个挑战, 应用, 面试对我来说都很新鲜. 我希望我在申请工作的时候更多地了解人力资源和社会服务部的校友联系项目, 因为我知道Jayhawks总是很乐意互相帮助. I have already had a couple of younger HRS alum reach out to me and I am already eager to talk to them. 其次,很难在工作中真实地出现. 我是新来的, 我很年轻, 我没有经验,而且(老实说)大多数时候都很笨拙, so finding out how to share my true personality is something I am continually striving towards. 这是我喜欢和HRS校友一起工作的另一个原因, 身边有人知道我叫“克莱尔”,真让人耳目一新,而不是“新的市场助理”.

Business partners 泰勒·洛曼04年, 奥利弗·克莱默,04年, 马库斯·伯德,11岁, Leo Kremer, 98年

mg电子试玩app还检查了 泰勒·洛曼04年, 奥利弗·克莱默,04年, 马库斯·伯德,11岁, Leo Kremer, 98年 (上图), 大学毕业后一起创业的四位HRS校友, mg电子试玩app他们一起工作的经历.

Leo Kremer, 98年, 联合创始人和前联合ceo, Dos Toros(与Oliver Kremer合作), 目前Founder-at-Large, 创始人桌餐厅集团和合伙人, Shtetl Ventures(奥利弗也担任同样的角色)分享了:

"与其他HRS校友合作最有意义的部分是自动信任, 尊重, 和趣味性.

mg电子试玩app在沟通、团队合作以及重要的墨西哥卷饼方面有着共同的观点. It was also fun being able to reminisce about teachers, sports teams, various academic projects.

每天和泰勒、马库斯和奥利弗一起工作都很愉快. We faced many challenges around growth and the need to adapt the organization at each stage to our new reality. Every business has ups and downs and we learned how to face both with tenacity and equanimity. mg电子试玩app发现了多斯·托罗斯, 我仍然相信, 事业和生活中最大的风险之一就是无所作为."

泰勒·洛曼04年, 联合创始人兼开发副总裁, Dos Toros; currently Senior Vice President, 发展, 健康接待合作伙伴 补充道:

"[The most meaningful part of working together was the] inherent trust based on our shared HRS experience. 不管mg电子试玩app在学校里是否有交集, 我知道,通过与其他人力资源管理局的人一起工作,mg电子试玩app有了坚实的基础, 高智商和情商, 以及对世界和彼此更清晰的认识, 如果mg电子试玩app没有共同的人力资源管理经验,从一开始就不可能做到这一点.

Successfully working alongside friends for so many years sets an unrealistically high bar for comparing future opportunities. My post Dos Toros job search ("retylerment" as I came to call it) coincided with the onset of COVID-19 and lasted a full year, 很大程度上是因为我害怕没有其他经验可以与我之前的经历相媲美. 我不慌不忙,探索了广泛的领域和机会, 但继续受到年轻的鼓舞, 使命驱动型公司. 2021年3月, 我接受了健康酒店合作伙伴(HHP)的管理职位, 哪个是医疗保健设施公司, coincidentally also started by two brothers; I think I've found my next career."

马库斯·伯德,11岁, Head of Marketing (2015–2020), Dos Toros; currently Director of Marketing and Brand (employee #1!)为Hart House(2020年至今),Kevin Hart的新酒店概念解释道: 

"我在其他三个主要城市生活过——华盛顿特区, 纽约市, 还有洛杉矶——没有什么比湾区的人更好的了! 更具体地说, 我认为海德罗伊斯在帮助学生培养天生的自我意识方面做得很好, 同时总是为更大的利益和社区而努力.

尽管高中毕业后从未在湾区生活过, 在我的职业生涯中,我完全接受了在初创企业工作. 我喜欢快节奏的环境,没有两天是一样的, 然而, 它还需要大量的组织. 作为一名营销人员,我喜欢寻找发展业务的全渠道方式, but it is incredibly important to try to measure each tactic on its own merits so you can digest what worked before re应用 or changing tactics. 我2024年的座右铭是“梦想大,但目标小”。!"